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CM FCI 2020 en Pays Bas est annulé

Le Championnat du Monde de la FCI 2020 en Pays Bas sera annulé.

En même temps, les lieux des prochains championnats du monde seront adaptés

2021 - Pays Bas

2022 - République tchèque

2023 - Russie

voilà l'information officiél de la FCI:

Dear delegates,

I hope this mail will find all of you and your family in good health,

I am sending you this e-mail in  times where  we all are influenced by the terrible pandemic situation caused by the Covid19 virus and I hope you and your families are doing well.


Although the Dutch organization of the 2020 FCI IGP World Championship has done their outmost best and is almost ready to welcome participants from all over the world,   the situation, worldwide, changed dramatically.

Almost all European countries are closed for a not defined time, but at least until the summer, many flights are being canceled, hotels, restaurants, camping’s , bars, etc. are closed. Also dog training  is practical impossible, and so on..... The present situation brings an enormous economic crisis for many, so not for all of us.


The criteria for qualification for the FCI IGP World Championship differs in each country and are normally  based upon some tournaments that must be passed. For all of the countries it is impossible to complete them now and we even do not know at this moment if they can be held at all.

Most of the teams that would come to the FCI World Championship are without proper training and tournaments practice. We also see that some countries are more strict in quarantine than others, this doesn’t provide fair conditions for all possible participants.

The Judges, nominated by the Commission would be also put into danger by going to judge a tournament with participant from more than 40 nations from all over the world, that is also risk we do not want to take.

We also now have the first animals  (cat and tiger) that are effected by the same Covid19 (corona) virus, let’s hope it will not affect our beloved dogs.

On behave of the board of our commission I have had a conference meeting with the chairman and secretary of the Dutch organization about the present and the expected situation for the months to come.

The Dutch organization has the same idea and totally agree with the board of our commission.

Taking into account the result of this conference,  the expected progress of the present situation and thinking a lot about the circumstances worldwide,  the board of our Commission decided, to cancel the 2020 FCI IGP World Championship for this year and the 2021 FCI IGP World Championship will be organized by the Netherlands

This means also that the 2022 FCI IGP World Championship will go to the Chez Republic and the

2023 FCI IGP World Championship will go to Russia.

I hope you will agree with the board  that in the present situation and also the months to come, a lot of other very important things will have priority over our beloved dog sport.

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